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Managing Director


Lotus Green Team was originally formed by a group of like-minded friends. It has grown into a strong professional engineering company and has contributed to the development of many iconic projects in Cambodia. Our people, our culture and our team spirit made all the different.

Digitalization together with the competitive environment brings Lotus Green Team to another wave of changes. It is all about seeking out new ways of doing things to improve our performance.

“The agility has become more essential to cope with the change.”

Lotus Green Team is changing the way we work to improve manpower utilization, productivity and customer service quality. This is an endless continuous process for Lotus Green Team to grow from strength to strength and to commit to “ENGINEERING FOR THE BETTER CAMBODIA”. Together with our learning culture, unity and effort from our people and management team, Lotus Green Team will rise up to the challenge to achieve the many successes in the future.

On behalf of Lotus Green Team, I want to express our sincere thanks to all our suppliers, our construction partners, and our customers for the trust and the continuous support given to Lotus Green Team.

We wish you many success and happiness in the years ahead.

Best Regards,
Hong Leang Y
Managing Director



Lotus Green Team is a Phnom Penh based contracting service provider for the construction industry.

We provide the most advanced solutions for mechanical ventilation and air conditioning systems; electrical systems; and piping systems that meet the requirements of international standards in Cambodia. Our clients come from the private and public sector and also the non-government sector. They have benefited from the complete engineering solution including design, build, and the ongoing maintenance package that we can offer.


Our group brings together talented manpower. They are supervised and supported by experienced engineers with a broad range of planning, designing and site work experience. The use of quality assured products and parts from leading brands, together with our modern holistic company principles, our strong professional team stand out from the competition.

We are committed to helping our customers maximize their benefits by using available resources to achieve their competitive advantage in the market and provide quality services that meet international standards.

Our Awards

ASEAN-China Outstanding Young Entrepreneur Award 2015

ASEAN China Outstanding Young Entrepreneur Award 2015

ASEAN Business Awards - SME Excellence Awards for Growth 2016

ASEAN Business Awards - SME Excellence Awards for Employment 2016

ASEAN Business Awards - SME Excellence Awards for Employment 2017

ASEAN Business Awards - SME Excellence Awards for Employment 2018


The Lotus is an Asian variety of aquatic plants that flourish in muddy water. Lotus flower is also recognized for its beauty.

Rooted in nature in mud, the flower will submerge itself into the muddy water every night and miraculously re-blooms the next morning, sparkling clean. It will also extend up above the mud to provide shade to the environment below. The Lotus symbolizes success, honor, admiration, and prosperity.

In January of 2012, Lotus Green Team was formally established.

Since the founding of our company, we have continued to grow and flourish, successfully completed many projects in Phnom Penh, Siem  Reap, and around Cambodia.

As the future unfurls, Lotus Green Team will continue to blossom and grow with strength, together with refined quality.

Just like the name of the plant from which we take our name, this group of friends that founded Lotus Green Team grew up in the provinces before moving to Phnom Penh.

Having accomplished the important  development stage in life, this group of  friends who were working together for  international service, consulting, and a  trading company formed Lotus Green  Team.


Lotus Green Team provides qualified competent teams to deliver unique and effective solutions to and beyond our customers’ expectation.


To become the leading engineering contractor and the main construction distributor in the region through core competitive advantages and pioneering technology investment.


  • Integrity

We build long term relationships with customers, suppliers, business partners, and the community through trust, fairness and sincerity.

  • Reliability

We provide reliable services and solutions to all we serve.

  • Innovation

We bring new creative ideas and technologies to our products and services that exceed our customers’ expectations.

  • Excellence

We provide world-class standard services to our customers as well as to enhance the quality and competitiveness of our products.

ASEAN-China Outstanding Young Entrepreneur Award 2015

The 7th Asean-China Young Entrepreneurs Forum 2015 was hosted in the National Convention Center Vientiane, Lao PDR. This forum was hosted by the Laos Young Business Entrepreneur Association in Vientiane and take place from 6-7 August 2015.

The aim of this forum was to promote dialogue on current entrepreneurship dynamics in the region, especially related to the Asean Economic Community (AEC) and was an important platform to stimulate cross country partnerships among participants.

ASEAN Business Awards - SME Excellence Awards for Growth 2016 And SME Excellence Awards for Employment 2016

The 8th Asean-China Young Entrepreneurs Forum 2016 was hosted in Vientiane, by the Laos National Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

The only Cambodia Company to receive the ASEAN Business Award 2016 in Vientiane, Lotus Green Team is an engineering service company specialised in the Mechanical Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Electrical and Plumbing work, received 2 awards, SME Excellence Awards for Growth 2016, and SME Excellence Awards for Employment 2016.

2017 Award

The ASEAN Business Awards (ABA) was launched on 2017 by the ASEAN Business Advisory Council to give recognition to enterprises that have contributed to the growth and prosperity of the ASEAN economy.

The ASEAN Business Awards 2017 (ABA) recognize the outstanding ASEAN enterprises in the region. It highlight businesses that have contributed in the growth and prosperity of the ASEAN economy and have the potential to become global economic players in their respective industries. The ASEAN Business Awards 2017 was held at the Solaire Resort and Casino Grand Ballroom, Aseana Avenue, Parañaque City in Manila, Philippines.

2018 Award


Launched in 2007 by Asean BAC, the awards acknowledge and recognise outstanding Asean businesses that have shown significant progress in establishing and reinforcing their positions, in a myriad of industry sectors.

A TOTAL of 76 awards were given out to 60 outstanding businesses in Asean and beyond at the Asean Business Awards 2018 hosted by Singapore on Nov 12.

Certificate of Tax Compliance

Lotus Green Team’s Certificate of Tax Compliance

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