Industries in contemporary Cambodia face challenges inregards tosafe, reliable and efficient energy supply.
These challenges can cause equipment failure, operational delays and staggering overhead if not met
Lotus Green Team excels in the design, engineering, installation and maintenance of electrical generation, distribution and control solutions for major construction projects and industries in Cambodia. Keyoperational and support requirements such as communications and security systems can be integrated by our team seamlessly, minimizing effects on the aesthetics ofyour property and riskto your equipment.
Our group of experienced engineers and finely tuned quality control processes give you the opportunityto ensure maximum up-time for your operations and peace of mind for you.
The electrical system elements and supporting solutions that we regularly include in our designs are:

  • Electrical Power Generators
  • Transformers
  • Electrical Power Distribution Systems
  • Lighting & Socket Installation
  • Earthing Systems & Lightning Protection
  • Security Systems (Fire Detection, Access Control, CCTV)
  • Public Address Systems (Sound Systems)
  • Communication & Network (Telephone, Intercom, Data)